Whistle blowing serves as a valuable tool for the LRA corporate governance strategy which empowers or gives employees and the general public the authority to report on incidences of misconduct and helps maintain a corruption free workplace, while protecting LRA’s reputation and helping to close up revenue leakages.

LRA core values are commitment to the nation building, acting with Integrity and communicating honesty by transparently, delivering excellent services to taxpayers. By this, the LRA seeks to maintain and uphold integrity, fair play and honesty from its employees at all levels. Based on these core values, the Division of Professional Ethics was established to alert, investigate, report and examine matters of fraud, bribery, rent seeking and other acts of malpractice that contravene the mission and vision of LRA.

The basis for this whistle blower webpage highlights the issues of about wrongdoing by employees of LRA and report on acts of malpractice by giving inside knowledge of illegal activities occurring in the revenue sector. The whistle blower shall be either employees, supplies, taxpayer, importers, contractors, clients or any individuals who somehow becomes aware of illegal activities taking place in the LRA through witnessing the behavior or being told about it. Blowing the whistle is more formally known as making a disclosure of wrong doing in the public interest.

To this end, and to effectively and efficiently interact with whistleblowers, the LRA encourages the general public to use this webpage as a medium of reporting information of wrong doing including but not limited to the following:

Type Of Complaints