Unsure if You Are to Pay Real Property Tax?
All owners of land with or without structures on it in Liberia are required to pay real property tax. Only mud huts are excluded. Real Property Tax must also be paid on booths and zinc houses. Provide required documents

Do I Need a TIN?
Yes, every resident having a tax obligation is required to obtain a Tax Identification Number (“TIN”), but in no case may a resident obtain more than one TIN. A resident subject to tax withholding is required to submit the TIN to the withholding agent.

Not sure if you need to file Corporate Income Tax?
All business corporations that fall into Medium or Large Taxpayer Division (must file)
Corporations that fall into Small Taxpayer Division are not compelled to file under the law but they could chose to file if they wish to claim credit (optional-not mandatory)

Partial view of the Tax Business Community in Gbarnga City posed with LRA officials after a stakeholders discussion on paying taxes

LRA distributes Real Estate Tax brochures to residents of West Point after an awareness campaign

Partial view of staff of the LRA Taxpayer Services Division

A segment of the rebuilt Waterside Bridge (Zolu Duma Bridge) in Monrovia - depicting how taxes are used for development

LRA Enforcement Team, from the Real Estate Division enforcing closure orders on tax evading businesses

Empowering Rural Tax Collectorates: LRA Commissioner General Elfrieda Stewart Tamba presenting vehicles to 13 Tax Business & Customs Business Offices

Partial view of the IMF Afritac West -2 Regional workshop on Compliance Improvement for specialized sector held in Monrovia